Cannabis & Creativity: Are They Really Correlated?

More often than not, when asked about the benefits of marijuana, the general public will tell you that it boosts creativity.

The most frequently used example is the fact that the people whom are known to use marijuana are mostly singers, artists, and musicians.

But is it really the devil’s lettuce that’s granting these people the gift of creativity?

Or are creative people just naturally drawn to the plant?

Let’s find out.

The Science Behind It All.

To answer the question, we first need to have an understanding of what defines creativity.

Creativity Defined

The dictionary definition of creative thinking is:

the use of the imagination or original ideas”

To find out whether or not cannabis really impact’s creativity, we need to find a metric of measuring creativity. 

An American psychologist by the name of J.P Guildford, known for his study of human intelligence, uses divergent thinking as the measure. Divergent thinking is a thought process which explores many possible solutions to generate creative ideas. Cognitive thinking, contrasting with divergent thinking, involves following a specific set of logical rules which leads to one single solution. 


Optimal Conditions to Improve Creativity with Cannabis

A study was done in 2012 where they experimented on 2 groups; a low creativity group and a higher creativity group. Multiple tests were performed comparing the performance of the 2 groups under the effects of Cannabis. 

The result shows that cannabis does increase creativity… in certain conditions.

  • The lower your creativity, the more effective cannabis is in improving creativity.

The study compared both groups and the results showed that the high creativity group did not differ in performance with or without cannabis. However, the low creativity group showed a significant improvement in scores on the intoxicated day compared to the non-intoxicated day. 

  • Less is more: Higher THC Content Impairs Creativity

According to a study mentioned in Leafly’s post, out of the 3 groups, one given high doses of THC, one given low doses of THC and the last one given placebos, the group with low doses of THC performed the best and high doses of THC performed the worst. 

Since everyone has a different tolerance level and creativity level, it’s hard to find a concrete formula as to cannabis use in promoting creativity. If what you’re doing now is working for you, by all means, continue. However, if you haven’t yet figured out your magic formula, consider playing around with different strains and doses will help you.

Let us know what you find works for you!

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