Cannabis and Exercise

As cannabis is becoming more widely accepted, people are starting to get creative with when and where they’re smoking. One of the more popular activities to combine with cannabis use is hitting the gym.

If you haven’t met one of these already, you must be thinking: “…But why though?”

We’ve done some digging and based on what we learned, it seems like these guys aren’t complete morons after all. 

These are our findings on how Cannabis can affect your gym experience:

Positive and Negative Effects of Combining Cannabis with the Gym

1. Weight loss

Cannabis use is associated with lower levels of insulin resistance. Insulin is a type of nutrition regulating hormone which also manages fat metabolism. To be more resistance to insulin means that you will be more prone to obesity given a non-controlled diet. 

A study in 2013 experimented with over 4500 participants trying to test the effects of cannabis on, glucose, insulin and insulin resistance amongst adults. The test results showed that out of all the participants 579 were current cannabis users and showed 17% lower levels of insulin resistance than the non-users. 

2. Increase exercise times

We’ve known for quite a while already that marijuana can be used medicinally to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It’s not surprising that people tried using this to alleviate their soreness after the gym. 

But what some of us don’t realise is that it can be used before the gym session too.

According to a survey done by The University of Colorado Boulder, users of cannabis were associated with 43.4 more min of weekly aerobic exercise on average when compared to their sober counterparts.

3. Decreases sense of focus

We have to admit that one of the effects of cannabis use is that it slows down your reaction time and perception of time. 

For anyone that employs HIT (High Intensity Training) techniques in your workouts, cannabis use before your workout can inhibit performance and form. 

4. Promotes enjoyment of otherwise tedious exercises. 

Although it might not have any direct benefits in performance, adequate cannabis use definitely makes exercising much more enjoyable. 

Bottom Line

Although there are no clear answers as to whether or not to incorporate cannabis in your fitness routines, if we have an idea of the effect cannabis has on your body and mind, it’s much easier to decide for yourself.

Let us know if cannabis improves or degrades your workout!

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